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Low Consumption – Rointe K Series Radiator

Rointe Digital K-Series energy efficient electric radiator.

Rointe Digital K-Series energy efficient electric radiator.

The K Series Radiator maintains the stability of a comfortable ambience thanks to the Optimizer Energy Plus which provides the

system with the necessary energy in each moment, Our technology allows us to keep the set temperature within a ±0.25°C margin of variation during the steady period. A more

stable temperature means higher comfort.

Laboratory Tests

Evolution of the average temperature and relative humidity

The objective for a heating system consists in reaching and maintaining a stable temperature in the property being heated,

With our products that stability is achieved within a short period of time with a variation of ± 0,25° C. At the same time this obtains a correct relative humidity of the atmosphere within healthy limits.

Safety of our product (serface temperatures)

During the test, with the temperature set to 21°C, we achieve a low surface contact temperature of only around 40°C, thus avoiding any accidents with children or elderly people arid allowing the installation in any private or public environment.

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